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Key People

Vice-President, Administration

For over 28 years, Lynne Lightfoot has managed the financial and administrative operations of The Lightfoot Planning Group. She is responsible for the long-term business planning and management of the corporate assets, which include budget preparation and trend analysis, salary and employee benefit determination, and the employee handbook. Lynne handles income tax preparation, management of the firm’s accounting and Human Resource division, all aspects of the major equipment purchasing and management of the various corporate insurances policies.

Lynne is the direct liaison to the corporate accountant, attorney, trademark attorney and all vendors used at the firm. She is the Trustee for the 401K Pension Plan, responsible for the Cafeteria Plan, and all Federal and State regulatory compliance. She manages the firm’s computer network from system management to purchasing, troubleshooting, and installing of workstations and software programs. Lynne creates customized software programs to handle all the corporate financial or employment analysis needs- from timekeeping programs to vacations calculation spreadsheets.

Lynne comes from a previous background of business management of a department at the University of California at San Diego and worked several years in the mortgage banking field as a loan packager and officer.

Master in Business Administration, University of San Diego
Bachelor of Arts, Psychological Anthropology, University of California, San Diego

American Management Association

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