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This interpretive historical park is adjacent to the Heritage Park in the San Luis Rey Mission, as well as neighboring residential housing.  The park was designed to provide enhancement and protection of the cultural resources of the San Luis Rey Mission.  In the position as the park’s designers, TLPG had a unique opportunity to work with a coalition of Historians, Archaeologists, Native American Indian leaders, City Park Administrators and Housing Developers to create this valuable public historic resource. 

Design considerations that assisted in preserving the adobe brick areas of the Mission’s well and cistern included: naturalistic rock-lined dry streambeds that intercepted surface flow water and conveyed the water away from the area, and the inclusion of traditional Native American Indian drought-tolerant plant materials. The park is also an educational exhibit with interpretive signage displayed to explain the purpose and history of the site. 

The Lightfoot Planning Group was awarded a Merit Award, by the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects in December 2005 for the Mission Wells Historical Park.


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