Multi-family housing

DR Horton Continental

Renaissance Terrace is a 96-unit condominium development in two 65 foot high structures, which include recreational facilities in a plaza area between the two structures on a 7.5-acre site.  The recreational facilities include a pool and spa, barbecues, and “outdoor room” spaces defined with overhead trellises.  The condominium structures have passive seating areas, trellises and landscape planters over underground parking structures.  The project, having approximately 2.8-acres of Coastal Sage Scrub community and located within the California Coastal Commission sphere of influence, is designed to be sensitive to the natural habitat and open space associated with the adjacent San Luis Rey River.

The project also incorporates habitat mitigation, including re-vegetation, enhancement and preservation components on open space within the project area and the adjacent State Lands.   A storm drain basin and outfall are being constructed within the project to meet coastal and city storm water requirements.  This area-wide facility will accommodate storm water from both the project site and additional off-site sources that all currently free flow in an untreated condition into the San Luis Rey River and other nearby wetland habitat.


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